Why choose EVA Advanced Water Filtration System?

The EVA Advanced Water Filtration System is an effective product that turns ordinary tap water into purified spring water using only the power of gravity. EVA provides clean, great tasting filtered water.

Here are the main benefits of our unique system:

EVA is healthy:
  • EVA removes all the potentially noxious elements found in tap water (bacteria, nitrates, chlorine, sulphates, heavy metals, chemicals...) via a new filtration process. The success rate of these 8/9 (depending on your model) filtration steps ranges from 70% to 100%, depending on the tap water tested.
  • EVA eliminates over 98% of harmful substances: lead, chlorine, nitrate, copper, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic, THM (TriHaloMethane), chemicals, many types of bacteria and microbes.
  • EVA adds selected minerals after the filtration process.
  • EVA drinking water is low alkaline and mineralised and gives a pH between 7.3 and 7.8 which is ideal for a healthy body and good assimilation. This pH is reached thanks to permanent sterilization of the filtered water with an original and unique, patented, active principle as well as selected minerals. This will make your water suitable for cooking, making tea, coffee and preparing fruit and vegetables...
  • EVA plastic is guaranteed to be free from Bisphenol A & phthalate (BPA - plastic additives), and is food grade quality (SAN / ISO 4894-1:1997 & PP / ISO 1043 - food grade quality - FDA certified - USA)
  • EVA filters make tap water safe for the consumption of babies and toddlers, (either as filtered water or mixed with baby milk). PLEASE NOTE: in order to make water suitable for your baby, the tap water added to the EVA Advanced Water Filtration System must NOT contain more than 40mg/L of nitrates (please check).

EVA is economical:

  • EVA is more cost effective than bottled water: it takes only 8 months to recover the cost of an EVA system.
  • EVA is more economical than the market leading filter jug.
  • EVA filter cartridges last for 9 months, compared to 1 month for most other products on the market.
  • EVA doesn’t need to be connected to a water or electricity supply as it simply works with gravity. You simply pour into the unit the water you need filtered.

EVA is eco friendly:

  • EVA avoids the additional excesses of plastic bottled water which have a negative impact on the environment: plastic waste, bottle transportation, storage and the energy used to make and recycle the bottles...
  • EVA is made of neutral plastic material (which lasts longer than the average plastic).
  • EVA contains only natural elements in its filtration process.
  • EVA does not require an electricity supply to power the unit.
  • EVA filter cartridges have a 9 month life span unlike the market leading water filter, avoiding the need for a monthly filter change EVA filters are recyclable.

EVA provides an unlimited guarantee:

  • EVA Advanced Water Filtration System has an unlimited warranty on its structure.
  • Replacement parts are readily available to purchase.

EVA is accredited and scientifically proven by independent laboratories:The manufacturer of EVA Advanced Water Filtration System is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified.

EVA Advanced Water Filtration System is accredited by the following international quality control organisations: Chamber Certification Assessment Services (United Kingdom) ; SGS (Switzerland)

EVA is a member of the following organisations: Water Quality Association ; Korea Testing and Research Institute ; Korea Water Purifier Industry Cooperative

  •  EVA comes complete with: a filter cartridge, high density ceramic and mineral tray.
  • EVA model PLC is supplied with the standard mineral tray.
  • EVA model BEP is supplied with the infrared + added red clay magnet mineral tray.

EVA is ideal for the home or small office:

  • EVA is available in two sizes, 12L and 7L.
  • EVA can be used by the whole family for drinking and cooking.
  • EVA water is suitable for babies.
  • EVA is perfect for home, office, waiting rooms, schools, health clubs, hospitals and doctors surgeries.

Dimensions: Please note the following capacities in litres will be slightly reduced after parts (ceramic filter cartridge and mineral tray are added)

  • Dimensions for the 12L: 65cm (h) x 32cm (diameter at base) - The EVA 12L contains : 4L in the upper tank + 8L in the lower tank
  • Dimensions for the 7L: 53cm (h) x 24cm (diameter at base) - The EVA 7L contains : 2L in the upper tank + 5L in the lower tank

WARNING BEWARE OF OVERFILLING: when the water reaches the mark on the lower tank, do not refill the upper tank until the lower tank empties sufficiently to allow room for more water!

EVA is considered to be the best natural gravity filtration system.


How does EVA work?

EVA Advanced Water Filtration System use multiple filters to reduce chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, Trichloroethane, pesticides and other pollutants as the water slowly flows through 8 different filtration layers.

Just as in nature, water is purified by the force of gravity, drop by drop, slowly and naturally. Depending on the hardness of your tap water, it usually takes 45min to 1 hour to filter 1L of water.

Only 8 steps to turn tap water to spring water:

Step 1 - Ceramic filter: removes all the harmful and unnecessary substances such as iron rust, sediment and germs thanks to its pore size of 0.2 of a micron.

Step 2 - Activated carbon: removes chlorine, THMs (trialomethane chemicals), organic chemicals, nitrates and sulphates, unpleasant odours and colours.

Step 3 - Silver activated carbon (colloidal silver): removes chlorine, THMs, organic chemicals, unpleasant odours and colours, and kills bacteria and parasites such as salmonella and Escherichia Coli.

Step 4 - Silica sand: removes acidic components giving the water a better taste.

Step 5 - Zeolite: removes heavy metals (lead, chlorine, copper, aluminium and cadmium) and softens the water. Step 6 - Mineral sand: assists the function of the activated carbon and maintains the freshness of the water.

Step 7 - Coral stones: release minerals and oxygen, adjust the pH of water to mild alkaline (which helps restore the pH balance of the body’s fluids), and improve the taste of the water. (Our coral is imported from Indonesia and Australia under current regulations).

Step 8 - Magnetic system: magnetized water has a free-moving hexagonal water structure in harmony with the body’s fluids, just like mineral spring water. It promotes health, vitality and imparts many therapeutic properties. Only the EVA 12L has a magnetic system in its tap. If you want to magnetize your water using the 7L EVA, we recommend you purchase the BEP model with the infrared mineral tray and added red clay magnet.

EVA Advanced Water Filtration System can be used with all drinking water: tap, well or spring water.

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