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Eva Water Filtration


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The filter: the most complete filter cartridge in Europe. Its volcanic rocks remineralise water: EVA Advanced Water Filtration technology offers you re-mineralised water as good as the best natural waters...

Thanks to its unique filtration process, the volcanic rocks on different levels of filtration release a mineral complement rich in oligo-elements essential for a good physiological balance.

Selected and extracted from regions far away from human pollution, the EVA rocks diffuse a number of minerals into the filtered and purified water. These rocks also help with the stabilization of the pH level of the water after filtration. With its 8 stage filtration and re-mineralisation process, EVA produces safe, great tasting water, close to that of natual water found in mountain springs.

Eva Advanced Water Filtration System:

  • Is healthy
  • Is economical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Provides an unlimited guarantee
  • Is accredited and scientifically proven by independent laboratories
  • Comes complete
  • Ideal for the home or small office (Dimensions: 48cm x 20-22cm - Weight: 3.3kg)
Eva is considered to be the best natural gravity filtration system.

Read our Water Filtration section to find more information about the EVA Advanced Water Filtration System

Click here to view the official test results.

A question about Eva ? Read our booklet "EVA Advanced Water Filtration System - From tap water to spring water" (pdf, 3.3 Mo) 

Important notice
With a 7L Eva Advanced Water Filtration System, customers wishing to use the "Eva Mineral Tray with Infrareds" must lift out the dark green centre piece and place it to the side of the top of the mineral tray, in the water. Otherwise, the filtration cartridge won't fit.


If you have any queries, technical questions or require any general advice on EVA products please email your enquiry to evahelp@wisofnature.com. We aim to respond within 24 hours.


Suggested Use

Use every day to drink purified water that is enriched with minerals


Eva comes complete with Ultimate cartridge, high density ceramic, mineral tray and product litterature - Dimensions: 48cm x 20-22cm - Weight: 3.3kg

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